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Caring for Our Pets During Shelter In Place

While sheltering in place has become the “new normal,” we can’t forget about our furry friends who are also adjusting to this unprecedented time. As we all spend more time indoors, many people may look for ways to keep their pets well cared for and entertained. Professional dog trainer and National Dog Training Operations Manager at Petco, Darris Cooper, gave The Daily Buzz advice to keep fur babies safe, entertained and engaged during these trying times.

Darris says physical exercise and mental stimulation are both important for pets. He suggests staying on top of your training techniques. Consider using interactive toys such as plush puzzles, board games, puzzles that dispense food, and agility toys like tunnels that can stimulate your dog’s mind while sheltering in place. For cats, interactive toys with motion sensors, household items like cardboard boxes and homemade agility courses are great ideas.

If you’re working from home, make sure your workspace is safe for your pets. Darris reminds pet parents to keep loose cords and electronic devices tucked away. You can even make your work space comfortable for your dog with by diffusing essential oils. This will help humans and pets relax but, keep in mind, some oils are toxic for pets.

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