Cameron Mathison Gives Update on Health After Beating Cancer

Cameron Mathison

Cameron Mathison shared an update on his health on “Good Morning America” on Monday after undergoing surgery for a 4.2 centimeter mass on his right kidney “consistent with renal cell carcinoma.”

The actor, host and “GMA” contributor, who was told by doctors that the tumor was likely growing inside his kidney for the last eight to 12 years, said he is “doing so, so well” after surgery in September.

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“I feel great. It’s about nine weeks out now from my surgery and the energy is coming back — the strength’s coming back — but in the grand scheme of things I just feel so lucky and so good,” he said. Mathison said post-surgery that doctors were able to completely remove the tumor, and he is now left with 80% of his right kidney. He added that he is “so lucky” that his medical team caught the tumor before it went into his lymph nodes, so he will not have to undergo chemotherapy or radiation.

“My message really is to pay attention, to be mindful, to listen to your body,” Cameron Mathison shared. “When you eat a certain thing, or you feel a certain way, if it keeps going — you know, get it checked out.”

“Go see your doctor, run the tests, which is what I did for years…really be your own best advocate for your own health,” he added.

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