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Busy Philipps Received ‘Absolution’ From The Pope

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After alleging “Freaks and Geeks” co-star James Franco assaulted her on set (and subsequently setting the record straight about his apology), Busy Philipps is making another revelation – she had an abortion at the age of 15.

In her upcoming memoir, “This Will Only Hurt a Little,” Philipps says she found out she was pregnant in her early teens by her boyfriend. The actress remembers the pressure that followed, including from his mother, who accused her of being “selfish” and “murder(ing) a baby.”

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With the support of her own mother, who found out Philipps was pregnant through her diary, the actress went through with the procedure, according to Fox News and confirmed by USA TODAY, which has a copy of the book.

“My mother is who you want in your corner,” Philipps says, adding she “just supported and loved me.”

After having the abortion, Philipps recalls going on a field trip with her school to the Vatican, on what would have been her due date. While there Pope John Paul II spoke to her and made the sign of the cross, allowing the actress to forgive herself.

“I never told this story publicly … I haven’t even told people I’m very close with,” she writes. “It doesn’t work for me without getting the absolution I needed. And from the only person in the world who could give it to me: the Pope in Rome.”