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Britney Spears Granted Permanent Restraining Order Against Former Manager

Britney Spears

Britney Spears had a victory in court on Thursday, with a judge granting the pop star a restraining order against former manager Sam Lutfi.

According to TMZ, a judge in L.A. County Superior Court granted the order against Lutfi without Spears present in the court. Her father and lawyers represented her while Lutfi was on hand for the ruling.

TMZ first broke the story that Britney Spears went to court seeking a temporary restraining order against Lutfi in May, claiming that her manager was helping to stir up the “Free Britney” movement and was “harassing” Spears’ mother and the pop star herself.

The details of the restraining order include that Lutfi must stay 200 yards from Spears and her family, stop attempts at reaching out to Spears or her family and avoid making any disparaging remarks about the pop star.

The order revolves around Britney Spears’ conservatorship and the controversy surrounding it. While there are claims that the pop star is being held in it against her will, TMZ notes that there is no indication that she fully wants freedom from the agreement. She had reportedly make some requests, though, including owning a smartphone according to TMZ.

According to court documents, Spears claims that her former manager offered $1,000 to Lynne Spears to “disrupt and take over” the conservatorship process started by Spears’ father, Jamie Spears. There were also claims that Lutfi threatened to release old items belonging to Spears from the period when he managed her in the 2000’s according to TMZ.

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The judge was compelled by the evidence and claims that a threat existed from her former manager, leading to the order being granted. According to TMZ, the order will be in effect for the next five years and is permanent.