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How Bringing the “Outdoors In” Can Impact Décor and Dispositions


Sandy toes. Salty air. Freshly cut grass. The morning sun on your face. The wind rustling through branches. There’s no question that nature soothes the soul and re-energizes the body.

And yet, we have become the “Indoor Generation.” A new global survey by YouGov reports that about 70% of Americans believe in nature, daylight and fresh air’s positive effects on stress levels and mental well-being. However, the Environmental Protection Agency reports that people still spend on average up to 90% of their time indoors.

So when a walk in the woods, a lunch break in the park or a night under the stars isn’t an option, how should busy Americans access nature’s health benefits?

Award-winning designer and blogger, Justina Blakeney, has some suggestions to bring the outdoors in. Blakeney shares nature-inspired style tips that will make breathing through the stress of the day just a little bit easier.

Blakeney told The Daily Buzz, “As a designer I absolutely love bringing the outside in. You’re here in my studio, you can see I love color, I love pattern, so ways I like to bring that in is through nature view. So I love having expansive windows, skylights, having the view of the sky, the stars, the trees outside. I think it’s so important.”

“When I was growing up we had a couple of skylights in our childhood home, but they were just sort of a bubble on the ceiling. Now, there are so many technological advancements…we have remote controls that open up our skylights that help circulate that fresh air through the home…they even have rain sensors,” Blakeney continued.