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Bindi Irwin on How She Plans to Honor Late Dad Steve Irwin at Wedding

Steve Irwin

Bindi Irwin revealed how she plans her honor her late father, Steve Irwin, at her upcoming wedding.

The nature conservationist announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend, Chandler Powell, on Wednesday. Bindi spoke with ET about the couple’s engagement and their big plans for the special day.

Bindi admitted that there was a certain “bittersweet” element to her engagement. “It was so incredibly special. But then, at the same time for me on a personal note, there’s people who I really wish could be here today for this time in my life,” she shared. “Particularly my dad.”

“I wish that he could be here to be getting excited and welcome [Chandler] into the family, and I think that’s really challenging [for me],” Bindi explained. “I think that Dad would have loved him so much and he would have been so excited that he’s now part of our family.”

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Bindi expressed that she has thought about her wedding since she was “a little girl.” One thing she knows for sure is that her younger brother, Robert Irwin, will walk her down the aisle, stepping into the role that would have otherwise been filled by her dad.

“I think that for me, it’ll be really important that Robert walks me down the aisle,” Bindi shared. “That’s something that I really want to do.”

“I’m always so grateful that Robert is there, and he has been such a big part of my life and he’s always stepped up and been the one to give me a hug when I need it and encourage me forward in life,” Bindi reflected. “So he will definitely be the one to walk me down the aisle when the time comes, and I think that will make it really special.”

“And I think that’s what dad would have wanted as well,” she added.

The 21-year-old lost the famed “Crocodile Hunter” in a tragic accident in 2006, when she was only 8-years-old. Bindi also revealed that she would dance with her mother during the traditional father-daughter dance.

“I think, if I was going to do a dance, it would be with my mom. My mom and I are so close. She’s my pillar of strength in life and I love her beyond description,” Bindi shared. “So I think, when the time comes, Robert will walk me down the aisle, [Chandler and I] will have our wonderful moment and I’ll have my dance with mom. I think that would be wonderful.”