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Bill Cosby Deemed a “Sexually Violent Predator”

Bill Cosby

A Pennsylvania judge deemed Bill Cosby a “sexually violent predator” Tuesday as he prepared to sentence the comedian for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman.

Judge Steven O’Neill is expected to sentence Cosby Tuesday in a Norristown, Pennsylvania, courtroom.

Bill Cosby is headed to prison for the 2004 sex assault of Andrea Constand, a judge announced Tuesday.

Bill Cosby will serve 3 to 10 Years in a Pennsylvania state prison.  The judge just announced the length of sentence. 

Although the crime carries a maximum of 10 years in prison, Pennsylvania sentencing guidelines provide a range of 22 and 36 months, although the length of sentence can go up an additional year for “aggravated circumstances.”

Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill said he refuses to sentence the 81-year-old to probation or “partial confinement,” like house arrest.

The jurist said he’ll sentence Cosby to no more than 10 years behind bars.

Cosby’s lawyers had pleaded with O’Neill Monday not to send the entertainer they described as an 81-year-old, infirmed blind man to prison. But Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele asked O’Neill to incarcerate Cosby with a maximum sentence, arguing Monday that saying “he’s too old to go to prison is a get-out-of-jail-free card.”

“Nobody is above the law,” Steele said.

Despite heartfelt pleas in victims impact statements and sharp words from lawyers on both sides, Bill Cosby will see the inside of a prison cell for the 2004 rape of Andrea Constand for likely less than three years, the judge in the Cosby criminal case told a Pennsylvania courtroom Monday.

“All I am asking for is justice as the court sees it,” a confident Constand said Monday in a short stint on the stand, looking directly at Judge Steven O’Neill. Referring the court and the nearby Cosby to her detailed testimony in both the original 2017 mistrial and the retrial this spring, the former Temple University employee was followed on the stand by her mother, also a witness in the two trials.

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Constand told O’Neill Monday she wanted “justice as the court sees fit.”

In a written statement to O’Neill, which was released just before the judge ruled on Cosby’s status, Constand wrote, “Bill Cosby took my beautiful, healthy young spirit and crushed it. He robbed me of my health and vitality, my open nature, and my trust in myself and others.”