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Beth Chapman, Star of ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’, Reveals Concerning Death Post

Beth Chapman

On the heels of celebrating her 13the wedding anniversary, Beth Chapman is speaking out about death amid her ongoing battle with cancer.

The reality TV star took to Instagram early Monday morning to share a cryptic post with her nearly 450,000 Instagram followers about watching a loved one die. Chapman, who is married to Duane “Dog” Chapman, did not offer context for the post.

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The reality star, 51, had initially been diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer in 2017 and was declared cancer-free after an operation detailed on Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives. However, a little over a year later, doctors discovered during an emergency surgery that the cancer had returned and spread to her lungs.

Although Chapman’s attorney, Andrew R. Brettler, announced in a statement in December that the Dog the Bounty Hunter star had “started chemo for throat cancer” just a month prior, Chapman and her husband revealed during a live-streamed speech at The Source Church in Bradenton, Florida earlier this month that she had opted not to undergo chemotherapy.

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Another bend in the Road yet not the End of the Road . #faith #love #stayhumblepray

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“Chemotherapy is not my bag people. That is not for me,” she explained. “For me, this is the ultimate test of faith. This is my ultimate lesson. And it’ll either be taught to you or to me.”

On Sunday, May 12, 2019, Beth gave a moving Mother’s Day speech at the Source Church in Bradenton, Florida, during which she briefly opened up about her current health status. Addressing churchgoers, as reported by People, Beth admitted that her diagnosis has been “the ultimate test of faith.” However, she diligently avoided placing any blame.

“I don’t go to God and go, ‘Why did I get cancer?’” she shared. “He’ll roll his eyes at me again, because I know why; because this is the ultimate test of faith.” Speaking to a sympathetic, enraptured congregation, Beth continued: “It is the evidence of things hoped for and it is the substance of things not known.”