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Bench Warrant Issued For Tori Spelling In Bank Lawsuit Case

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling failed to show up to a hearing on March 29, so the judge immediately issued a bench warrant and set her bail at $5,000.

The warrant stems from her ongoing legal battle with City National Bank, which sued her and her husband Dean McDermott in 2016 for failing to pay off their $400,000 loan.

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Spelling now owes more than $260,000 as part of the judgment, including interest accrued after the judgment.

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The bank is suing the Hollywood couple for failure to pay back $400,000 loaned to them in 2010. It seems a clerk “signed off on a writ of execution” the day after a judge ordered a bench warrant for Tori that reportedly now allows a sheriff to “take steps to garnish the couple’s wages and seize their bank accounts,” Radar Online reveals.

Sadly, this isn’t Tori’s first rodeo with debt she has to pay as a judge ordered Tori Spelling to pay $88,000 in credit card debt to American Express earlier this year.