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The First ‘Bachelorette’ Offers Creative Boredom Busters for Kids in While Sheltering In Place


Kids going stir crazy in the house? Running out of ideas to keep them entertained? Well, look no further! The Daily Buzz had the chance to talk with America’s FIRST ‘Bachelorette’ and mom of two, Trista Sutter about fun and inventive activities to do while sheltering in place.

If you’re among the many people suddenly adding family entertainment director to your title, Trista suggests looking in your pantry (and maybe even your freezer) to bust boredom. She believes you can use some of your favorite foods to create memorable family moments during this unprecedented time.

How about Eggo art? Trista recommends using mini waffles, fresh fruit slices, and almond slivers to create fun and mysterious faces. That’s not the only breakfast food she recommends for “art.” For the fashionistas in the family, consider making jewelry with Fruit Loops. It not only helps kids learn colors, but it’s a fun way to make necklaces and bracelets.

And, there is also room for learning with some of your favorite snacks, like Cheez-It Crackers! Use the crackers to create simple perimeter math lessons by building shapes, then finding the area and perimeter of each square. Trista says you can “Snack while you subtract!”

For a fun and serious challenge, how about a Pop-Tart Gingerbread house!! Use some extra icing, fruit, candy and even those extra Froot Loops to help bring it all together and… Voila!

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