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The Bachelorette 2019 Spoilers: Meet Season 15 Winner

The Bachelorette

Hannah Brown has reportedly found love with one of her “The Bachelorette” contestants. While Season 15 of the ABC series only just started airing, the name of her speculated 2019 winner has already leaked.

According to spoiler blogger Reality Steve, 26-year-old Tyler Cameron, known as Tyler C. by viewers, will end the season as Hannah’s pick.

As revealed on the season premiere of “The Bachelorette,” Tyler works as a general contractor in Jupiter, Florida. He describes his job as a “custom home builder” on Instagram. His page also states he is a Wake Forest University graduate. His show biography reveals he received his MBA from Florida Atlantic University.


June 18: I think it’s officially time for everyone to panic. Reality Steve is really out here taking back his finale spoiler! The king of Bachelor Nation spoilers just took to his blog to say that his first post is now incorrect, and the contestant he originally said would win is NOT engaged to Hannah. I am not okay.

Apparently, the actual winner is Jed! Yes, Jed “Here For the Wrong Reasons” Wyatt. If you’re skeptical to believe this second round of spoilers, I can’t blame you. But Reality Steve is pretty careful with his site, and even wrote that he wouldn’t change the biggest spoiler of the season if he didn’t have solid evidence.

Hannah chose Jed at the end and they are engaged.

Some fans are losing their marbles now because they were so convinced it was Tyler. Hell, I did too for a bit. But it’s not. And frankly, there’s nothing I can say to convince you it is Jed, so I’m not gonna try. And I ain’t even mad at ya’ if you don’t believe it. The thing I was referring to when I said “it was something I could only remember doing once before” is I thought I was going to be able to tell you HOW I know she’s with Jed, but realized I couldn’t. Only other time I was able to do that was the Nick video where I had actual proof of it. Sorry the initial Tyler info was wrong. Just wasn’t as solid as I thought it was. But the info about Jed from 3 weeks ago is as solid as I can get and I just have to leave it at that. I’m well aware people will still hold out hope it’s Tyler and you have every right to. All I’m doing is telling you what I was told based on the people I’ve spoken with, the information I’ve seen, and frankly, one major piece of information that’s floating out there. I’m confident in this and I’ll leave it at that. Every time I’ve had to change my spoiler in the past (Ali, Kaitlyn, Rachel) it’s ended up being right, so, take that for what it’s worth. I wouldn’t change the biggest spoiler of the season unless I had something pretty solid to go off of. I believe I do.

On Thursday, June 27, Reality Steve tweeted, “(EXCLUSIVE SPOILER)…I can confirm that Hannah broke off her engagement to Jed earlier this week. They are still “together,” but the engagement is off. This isn’t a “don’t ever talk to me again” from what I’m being told, but it’s also not all rainbows and daffodils either…”

Less than a week later that information changed too and it seems Hannah had enough of it all. In a new post on July 2, 2019 Reality Steve revealed that Hannah ended her entire relationship and the whole thing was filmed! “Hannah and Jed are done completely. She’s broken off the relationship altogether. She’s not trying or hoping for it to work out. They are done. And I can also report, their breakup was filmed in LA on camera and we will see that during part 2 of the ATFR airing on July 30th,” Reality Steve wrote.

This is going to be yet another dramatic Bachelor Nation finale!

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I’ll always accept a rose from you @alabamahannah ?One step closer to your heart ? #ABTC #NuggetGate

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Tyler’s bio states his enjoys spending time with his family and scuba diving. Apparently, he will share his love of the water with Hannah during his hometown date later this season. Leaked photos of their outing show the pair snorkeling in the Jupiter Sandbar.

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Glad to have the warm weather back….

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Tyler also enjoys dancing, which was also shown in the show introduction. “He says his friends get embarrassed by how intense he gets on the dance floor,” his show bio state. “But he doesn’t care.”

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I promise I’ll open my eyes and say more than 8 words next week ?

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