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Ashton Kutcher Reveals He Was Hospitalized During Movie Shoot

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher just revealed that he once ended up in hospital with “crazy pancreatitis” because he tried to embody Steve Jobs and switch to a fruitarian diet.

Appearing on Hot Ones, Kutcher shared just how far he went when “getting into character” for the movie Jobs. This was the second time he has brought up the side effects of playing that role.

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Kutcher explains that he, like Jobs and his obsession with carrot juice, drank the concoction “nonstop, all day long.” Jobs was said to have an “orange complexion” because of it so Kutcher, naturally, wanted to get an orange glow if he could. He took it so extreme he had some internal problems.

“Two weeks before we start shooting, all of a sudden, I had a pain in my back and throughout the night it got worse and worse and I ended up in a hospital,” Kutcher shared in the episode. “My pancreas was out of wack… I was freaking out. It turns out it was this carrot juice causing this crazy pancreatitis.”

Kutcher than added that the moral of the story is not to drink that much carrot juice.

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