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Ashton Kutcher Becomes Executive Producer for “Going From Broke”

Going From Broke

From Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment and Executive Producer Ashton Kutcher comes Going From Broke, a new series focused on helping millennials overcome their crippling financial struggles.

People are graduating from college with mounds of student and credit card debt and a shrinking pool of employment opportunities at their disposal. What makes matters worse is they lack basic financial literacy to get themselves out of trouble. Going From Broke host Dan Rosensweig, CEO of Chegg, and financial expert Danetha Doe work with young people to get out of the hole and become the CEO of their own lives.

“The common elements on the show are to understand personal finance and how to do a budget,” said Rosensweig. “Do you want to be in debt in yours 40’s, when you can be out of debt in your 30’s.”

“We have tips all throughout the show to help combat their financial stuggle. The show is available for free on Crackle.”

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