Ariana Grande Stumbles and Falls During Performance

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande debuted her new song “thank u, next” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, giving the first-ever televised performance of the track.

During her performance, the 25-year-old nearly fell during the song’s second verse after she had climbed onto a white chair to sing a few lines.

As she was stepping down off the chair, Grande stumbled for a moment, looking as if she may take a spill in the white heeled boots she was wearing.

Naturally, Grande recovered like the professional she is, righting herself while letting out a quick “Oh my God” before returning to the song, though she did let out another laugh before reaching the track’s second chorus.

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The Florida native also got emotional during the song’s bridge, which sees her imagine her walking down the aisle on her wedding day accompanied by her mom, Joan Grande.

At the end of the performance, Grande, Parx and Monet all put on white winter coats before heading into the crowd and up the stairs, with DeGeneres later joking about Grande’s quick exit.

“We were supposed to come down?” the singer asked. “Yeah, you left me!” DeGeneres joked. “I thought we were supposed to exit!” Grande exclaimed.

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