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Analyzing Crime Rates

Crime rates across American cities tell a mixed story, according to most recent crime data. Major cities such as Atlanta, New York and Boston have recently seen significant drops in crime. What crime reduction tactics are law enforcement in those cities undertaking, and what can other jurisdictions learn from their success? Can police departments both reduce crime and increase trust within their communities? A new poll sheds light on some of the causes of the lack of trust between law enforcement and their communities, and how citizens feel it could be rebuilt. Do you know how your audience views their local police department? Or, how your city’s crime compares to others?

Much of the public discourse has been focused on the federal level and the progress at the state level and the analysis of criminal justice scholars are often overlooked.  The satellite tour will also advance a national summit on October 26 when more than 300 law enforcement experts from across the country will meet in Washington, D.C. where they will discuss the new report, the current state of crime rates throughout the country and fluctuations in different geographic areas, including decreases and increases in types of crimes as well as sentencing guidelines.

Jim Bueermann, president of the national non-profit Police Foundation, and Vikrant Reddy, Senior Research Fellow for the Charles Koch Institute joined The Daily Buzz to discuss these topics.

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