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Amy Schumer Photobombs Couple’s Engagement Shoot Again

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer crashed another couple’s engagement shoot!

James Matthews and Katherine Salisbury were taking engagement photos in New Orleans when Schumer photobombed their pictures. Last time Schumer’s husband got in the pictures, but this go around it was her adorable dog, Tati, that made an appearance.

Amy Schumer and Husband Photobomb Couple’s Engagement Photos

Photographer Jen Menard took the hilarious picture and posted it to Instagram. She wrote, “@amyschumer WE LOVE YOUUUU and plz photobomb anytime ya like ??.”

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The comedian also posted the photo to her Instagram. “If you get engaged, Tati and I will be there,” she captioned the post.

“I honestly didn’t notice,” Menard told HuffPost. “Then she ran back over and said, ‘Hey! Is this an engagement session?’ And we told her yeah, then she said, ‘Can I photobomb?!’”

Salisbury said would love to have Schumer at her wedding. “Of course! Who WOULDN’T want her there?! I have official approval from my mom and mother-in-law to add her to the guest list. We’ll give her +3 guests… husband, baby and of course Tati,” she said.