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Amy Schumer Reveals Husband Has Autism Spectrum Disorder

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is revealing very personal and intimate details regarding her marriage in the upcoming Amy Schumer: Growing, which hits Netflix on Tuesday.

During the hour-long special, she reveals that her husband, Chris Fischer, is on the autism spectrum.

“I knew from the beginning that my husband’s brain was a little different than mine,” she tells the crowd during the special, which was filmed in Chicago.”I have to start this over because I really want to get this right because I love him very much.”

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“My husband was diagnosed with what used to be called Asperger’s. He has autism spectrum disorder. He’s on the spectrum. And there were some signs early on,” Schumer says, before telling a story of how her husband reacted abnormally to her falling down during a walk together.

“Once he was diagnosed, it dawned on me how funny it was, because all of the characteristics that make it clear that he’s on the spectrum are all of the reasons that I fell madly in love with him,” she says in her Netflix special. “That’s the truth. He says whatever is on his mind. He keeps it so real. He doesn’t care about social norms or what you expect him to say or do.”

Amy Schumer: Growing starts streaming on Netflix on Tuesday, March 19.

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