Video: Adam Sandler Yelled at on Busy Street Goes Viral

Adam Sandler

With the Toronto International Film Festival going on right now in Canada, plenty of celebrities have headed north of the border for the event, including Adam Sandler.

One intense interaction that has gone viral that has fans confused. On Sunday, a video was shared of a fan confronting comedian Adam Sandler, and yelling at him in the streets.

It is unknown what this fan was yelling about, or if he was even mad at Adam Sandler, but the comedian doesn’t seem amused. Sandler can be seen talking on the phone when he is approached by the man, but once he realizes the interaction isn’t positive, Sandler walked away. Luckily for Adam Sandler, his other interactions with fans went much better while in Toronto.

“Bucktee” is a local slang term for the Toronto homeless population, usually used to insinuate that they are mentally ill or on drugs. The source of the original video is unclear, as it was soon re-posted all across social media.

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So far, the internet at large has drawn a few conclusions from the video thanks to the combined effort of Twitter detectives. According to a report by BlogTo, the video was taken in Yonge-Dundas Square, an area with high foot traffic known for strange encounters. The square is apparently home to many homeless panhandlers, street preachers and canvassers, all known for boldly approaching strangers.

Meanwhile, a report by Exclaim suggests that this was an isolated incident, and that the city at large welcomed Sandler. They point to another viral clip where a crowd of Torontonians sang happy birthday to Sandler on the street during his visit. The comedian turned 53 years old on Monday.