Abandoned Tiger Cub Found Near Mexican Border

A tiger cub was found abandoned in a duffel bag by border patrol personnel in Texas. The Brownsville-Border Patrol unit was near the Rio Grande, when they saw three subjects trying to cross the Mexico/United States border.

After the subjects realized they were spotted by Border Patrol, they headed back to Mexico dropping everything they had. When the officers approached the duffel bag, they were shocked to see a tiger cub inside.

The male tiger cub was sedated when it was found inside of the duffel bag. The authorities transported the cub to Gladys Porter Zoo nearby.

A male tiger is pictured in a duffle bag that was seized at the border near Brownsville, Texas

The cub is estimated to be about four months old and will be in the care of the zoo, until authorities find out more information.

Lions, tigers and bears… Oh my!