A 12-year-old Impressed P!nk With Her Performance of ‘Perfect’


Victoria Anthony campaigned to sing with P!nk at a concert in Vancouver and her idol didn’t know how she was going to follow the performance.

When P!nk handed Victoria the mic, the youngster didn’t hesitate, delivering an impressive vocal, in front of a stadium full of strangers, all while standing just centimetres from her idol.

P!nk stood, hand in chin, amazed at what Victoria could do. After discovering her age, P!nk declared; “I sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks when I was 12!”

Speaking with CCTV News after the performance, Victoria says she became overwhelmed with tears of joy.

“I just started singing and it was so awesome. It was the best thing ever,” she says.

Knowing that P!nk would be performing near her, Victoria and her mum, Christina decided that would try to get Victoria a chance to sing with her idol.

Harnessing the power of social media, Victoria launched a campaign to get the pop star’s attention under the hashtag #VicAndPink.

The determined young singer looked up phone numbers at Sony Music, and spoke to local media, even going to Rogers Arena the day of the concert to see if she could get seats any closer to the stage.

Prepared to just to enjoy the concert anyway, even if her long shot campaign were unsuccessful, Victoria went to the arena, armed with a handmade sign.

Then, incredibly, P!nk approached Victoria with a mic and asked if she was the girl she’d seen on the news. What happened next is a moment Victoria will never, ever forget.